One to watch Jaume Miró

Taken from our new digital issue. Introducing Barcelona based fashion designer Jaume Miró presenting his latest collection: PROMETEO! Photography by Alis. Models are Martí Many signed at Uno Models and Aleks Zaharenkov signed at Blow Models. Stylist and all fashion by Jaume Miró. Make up by Aitana Wallace. Hair by Joan Callau.

„I have always doubted that life is something totally real: too good to be true and too cruel to be finite. With this philosophy in mind from an early age and having television, tamagotchi and VHS’s as best friends; The concept of constantly comparing my life and what happens in it with fictional films and characters or believing that everything is a virtual reality does not seem crazy to me. Something similar to the “Truman Show” but without an attentive audience behind the screen or a dreamlike being writing my destiny and determining my good or bad karma.

This is the concept that “PROMETEO ” wants to show: a collection of conceptual and avant-garde fashion in which I compare post-traumatic stress and Eating Disorders with retro-futuristic aesthetics and science fiction, mixing elements such as the tailoring and shirting with sportswear and street-style to mix the idea of finding comfort in discomfort and explore through volumes the canons of current beauty and the antithesis of these and not set limits between what is real or unreal.“

Photography by Alis / Instagram: @alisbyalisofficial
Stylist and all fashion by Jaume Miró / Instagram: @jaumevmiro
Models are Martí Many signed at Uno Models / Instagram: @martimany_
Model is Aleks Zaharenkov signed at Blow Models / Instagram: @ginger.aleks
Make up by Aitana Wallace / Instagram: @aitanawallace
Hair by Joan Callau / Instagram: @joancallau
Styling assistants Carles Lopez and Aitorito / Instagram: @carleslopezz @aitor.rito