One To Watch: Melisa Minca

Introducing Berlin-based fashion brand Melisa Minca and its latest lookbook. A handmade clothing brand that specializes in upcycled clothing. The brand offers one-of-a-kind garments while keeping a focus on eco-friendly production and ethical design. The lookbook features pieces that are reworked from second-hand clothes, early 2000 inspired, full of romantic colour. Its focus on adventuring extravagant streetwear look and celebrating all bodies and uniqueness.

My interest in ethical fashion started to grow when I was studying Sustainable Development at the Uni of Edinburgh. After developing my ideas for more than two years I’ve launched my own online shop with my designs, which are made to order, also featuring ‘System Recovery‘ – a special line, made up of upcycled and repurposed one-of-a-kind clothes designed and made by me in Berlin.

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