Overcome the awkwardness

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial by Maps – a creative duo. Two visual artists, Xiaobo Fu from China and Maria Tzili from Greece have teamed up having a common goal, to combine commercial practice and conceptual arts’ aesthetics. “This series has been a work in progress for a long time. In fashion and commercial photography, the final outcome is directly connected to the good collaboration between the whole team. Especially between the model and the photographer. However, it is quite frequent that we only meet each other a few minutes before we have to ‘connect’ and work together. So we have to overcome the awkwardness one feels the first moments they meet new people, and jump straight to the second level of the relationship. As young photographers, we used to think this was a serious challenge we had to overcome. Thus we started exposing ourselves to that situation and this series is the result of that experiment. These days, this old habit represents for us the unnecessary nervousness of the post-modern world which we think is a quite common situation and results from the remaining of old instincts.”

Team Credits

Photography by Maps Studios/ www.mapsstudios.uk
Instagram: @mapsstudios

Model: Leticia Kaneko signed at PRM London
Instagram: @letkaneko