Papis Loveday

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Keana Kastner captured topmodel Papis Loveday management by Kolja Grueske for us. Styling by Emma Gyllström. Hair and Make-up by Tamara Sauer. Brands are FADE OUT Label, Not Too Sweet, UY Studio, Melisa Minca, Newrock, Ugg, Sue the boy.

“As a team of two, we are passionate about vintage and sustainable fashion. The harmful environmental impact of fast fashion has shaped the way we design, think and create. We believe every piece has a story to tell from the very first stitch, through to the hands of the many people the item has passed, right up until the moment it is found or been up-cycled into a new piece, giving it another life, a new purpose.

Because of our love for fashion, working with iconic international Topmodel Papis Loveday, motivated us to bring the energy behind our concept to life. Influenced by Loveday’s creative mind and styling experience, expressing his love for fashion through his colourful and eccentric personality, we took inspiration from him while still conveying our own aesthetic.”

Photography by Keana Kastner / / Instagram: @keanakastner
Styling by Emma Gyllström / / Instagram: @emmagyllstrom
Topmodel is Papis Loveday management by Kolja Grueske / / Instagram: @papis_loveday
Hair and Make-up by Tamara Sauer / / Instagram: @tamarasauer_makeup

Keana is an Austrian/New Zealand photographer based in Berlin. She grew up in Spain and then moved to Sydney where she studied a ‘Bachelor of design’ and found a new passion for photography. Her playful imagination and keen eye for detail enable her to consistently produce authentic and fresh concepts that align with her natural personality.

Emma Gyllström is a stylist from Sweden. She met Keana while studying the same degree and started her career in Australia and is now also based in Berlin. Her style is colourful, youthful and fun. When she is styling she mainly uses recycled, vintage, second hand clothes and accessories