A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Asskorbik. Models are Katerina, Egor, Slava, Artem and Varia. Hair by Ernest Gauze, Daniel Wrublewski and Sneg.

“I am Asskorbik, a visual artist and photographer. Shoot on a mobile phone. I specialize in creative, fun and original concepts. A photo for me is a canvas where I can draw using lighting, the game of contrast and colour, clothes and program tools while retouching. I explore tales, legends, astrology, and natural, social and physical phenomena. I like to challenge the mainstream aesthetic and create memorable and unique campaigns.”

Photography by Asskorbik / / Instagram: @asskorbik

Models are
Katerina / Instagram: @saddybastard
Egor Vysokih / Instagram: @vysok1h
Slava signed at Nagorny Models / Instagram: @cashon.m3boi / Instagram: @nagornymodels
Artem Gorbachev / Instagram: @shkkett
Varia Gladkevich / Instagram: @variaglad
Hair by
Ernest Gauze / Instagram: @ernestgauze
Daniel Wrublewski / Instagram: @danielwrublewski
Sneg / Instagram: @sneg.goes.sneg

Brands used are Adidas @adidas/ Maison Margiela @maisonmargiela / Comme des Garçons @commedesgarcons / Zara @zara / H&M @hm