Permission to Feel – A movie by Sage Bennett

Sage Bennett is a filmmaker and photographer from Chicago currently residing in Salt Lake City, USA. Sage’s work is emotional, evocative, and taps into universal truths from a feminine perspective. She is passionate about making work that brings people together through this shared human experience. “Permission to Feel” is a visual poem about the power in surrendering to our feelings.

“We’re not all taught how to process our emotions. We’re often taught to fear them, to sweep them under the rug, and to keep moving, keep enduring. Our feelings are valid, and in the act of feeling our feelings, we actualize them, release them and reclaim the power they held over us, creating knowledge to build on, and space to feel even more. I hope this short film can inspire people to love, dance, play, cry, laugh, yell, feel whatever needs to be felt, to let go and be free.”

Directed by Sage Bennett @sagebennett
Director of Photography  Sidney Unga @sidunga
Art Direction  Megan Cabell
Producer Elisha Gustafson @elishaanne 

Fatima Dedrickson @stylefitfatty

Nora Price @_nora_mal

Jenn Blossil @jennblosil

Jean Mpalomby @jeanmpalomby
Katlyn Child @katlynmmchild

Skyler Gates @skyb.b
Kyler Thompson @ky.lxr

Kaylee Adams @kaylee.adams_