A Collection of young Portuguese creators, photographed by photographer Tamara Silveira, recently graduated in fashion photography, accepted the challenge of defining her perspective with her eyes. The production is exclusive to Prommo, which is inspired by what we perceive externally as “the“ Appearance ”perspective. – What is your perspective? New Designers are Carlota Martinez and Sara Justino. Model is Magnum Alexandre.

Everything you can see from a distance, what your eyes can achieve from a certain place.

What we perceive externally, the “Appearance” perspective

Production by Prommo Showroom / / instagram: @prommo_showroom

Photography by Tamara Silveira / Instagram: @tamaraphotograph
Model is Magnum Alexandre / instagram @magnum_Alexandre – signed at Agency / instagram: @njoymodels
Styling by Juliany Jorge / Instagram: @julianyjorge AND Sara Justino / Instagram: @saravjustino
Makeup by Erica Diaco / Instagram: @ericadiaco_mua

New Designers:
Carlota Martinez / Sara Justino