PIGALLE S/S22 by Stéphane Ashpool collection: Freedom Fields

“Freedom Fields”: an ode to Movement & Music! For Stéphane Ashpool, biking is a fundamental part of his daily life. Convinced of the power of the bicycle for over 10 years, the Parisian designer rides the streets of the French capital and around the globe.

Synonymous with freedom, bikes are always his go-to when it comes to getting around the world’s cities. Through his Freedom Fields collection, the founder of Pigalle wanted to communicate the liberating power that cycling offers and created colorful bikes and speaker.

“The bike has a unifying power – it allows people to move freely: when they want and wherever they want. It makes even more sense in cities like Paris where everything is very connected.” – Stéphane Ashpool, Designer and Founder of Pigalle.

As the pandemic has pushed city dwellers to rethink our cities and the way we interact with each other and bring music to people. Stéphane Ashpool positions himself as an ambassador for the transition towards greener, more connected, more joyful cities, while preserving a strong community spirit.

The clothing collection is using flashy silk colors, patchwork of leather made in Paris and items related to his basketball lines.