Poster Boys exhibition by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Curated by GIRLS –  a platform for talented artists, emerging and established, from around the world  – and KALTBLUT Magazine invited the Berlin photography lovers to Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert´s Poster Boys exhibition at Blender & Co. Here are some behind the scene photos from the event!

“These are portraits of young men, who I think are beautiful, some I met through Facebook, Instagram, some are good friends,” Joseph explains. “There are so many people out there I would love to have in my life, but I can’t, so with the photos I’m taking of them I’m creating a connection we will have forever.
 I sometimes feel like if I don’t take a picture of whoever I’m meeting, it doesn’t actually feel like we have met.”

Poster Boys

poster-boys-deconstructing-masculinity-with-joseph-wolfgang-ohlert-body-image-1479122223 poster-boys-deconstructing-masculinity-with-joseph-wolfgang-ohlert-body-image-1479122262 poster-boys-deconstructing-masculinity-with-joseph-wolfgang-ohlert-body-image-1479122269 poster-boys-deconstructing-masculinity-with-joseph-wolfgang-ohlert-body-image-1479122273

Event Photos by Andrea Piras

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