Power Play

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, direction, editing, makeup & styling by Blioux. The model is Mel Feratovic. Fashion by Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs Heaven.

“As a Genderqueer multidisciplinary visual artist, I’m interested in confronting our notions of binary gender identities. I want to use my work to redefine how masculine and feminine energy can be represented. I’m exploring the limits of the visual cues typically assigned to gender identity and also how breaking past these limits can free us from the expectations of how we should present ourselves and how we should live our lives.” -Blioux

Photography, direction, editing, makeup & styling by Blioux / www.blioux.com /
Instagram: @b_l_i_o_u_x
Photography Assistant / Katya Austin / Instagram: @k.atastrophic
Styling Assistant / Dazne  / Instagram: @dazne__
The model is Mel Feratovic / Instagram: @melferatovic
Soul Model Management / www.soulartistmanagement.com

Brands: Saint Laurent @ysl , Marc Jacobs Heaven @heavn , vintage