Press Play: 0171 – ‘1000 Words’

East London duo 0171 make a daring debut with the addictive ‘1000 Words’. The band, Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare, create their own world with a roughness that feels honest, intense and intimate. As ‘1000 Words’ gradually intensifies, building up layer by layer, endless messages weave together to form the tangled and blurred memories of a relationship between two people who are now distanced and struggling to connect. “… thousand words rhythm cracks on cotton hands billowing sighs and turns thirsty thirty times overborne limbs and tear pillows learning again to manage taking time making marks on squinting eyes closing… “. With a relentless video alongside the debut, directed by longtime friend and collaborator, Jake Alden-Falconer, ‘1000 words’ packs a seriously hefty punch.

“We like to sing about nostalgia, looking back at your life, memory, and how that shifts and changes,” say Georgie and Joe. “We’re building memories upon memories, storing them, and then forgetting about them. Like the pile of old phones you have in your parents house. Or all the stuff you’ve made, which you record on hard drives but leave in a room. There are all these forgotten fragments that were once part of who you were. We try to put those things at the centre of our music.”

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Feature photo by Daniel Alexander Harris