Press Play: Bronze Avery – SOFTSHELL

Fast-rising pop phenomenon Bronze Avery has released his new single “SOFTSHELL” from his upcoming debut album SOFTMETAL – out November 17. “SOFTSHELL,” is a delicate, dreamy confessional about thriving in the relationship you’re in despite it not being easily definable.

photo credit: Justin Gilbert

“The title of ‘SOFTSHELL’ symbolizes the layer underneath the metal armour which is why it sequentially comes directly after the title track,” shares Bronze on the song. “I feel like songs can manifest things in a way, so I don’t like to write songs where I show actual weakness unless there’s a victorious spin on the end. I think this was the only song that was created in an actual recording studio. Robyn De’llunto, who helped me write and produce my song “Messy,” has a magical way of getting me to sing melodies and say things that I would always be too scared to try. I remember her showing me these amazing drums she had put together, but her computer was overloading within the first 10 minutes of making the song. She sent me the drums and I took over the production and scratched a quick verse.”

“SOFTSHELL” follows the recent release of “OVER (AND OVER),” a danceable, introspective pop bop about a cyclical relationship that never seems to end that lends a softer, more wistful tone to the steelier songs on SOFTMETAL. Also on SOFTMETAL are SAY GOODNIGHT,” an instant vibey pop classic that mixes extreme infatuation with eternal dissatisfaction to take a shot at Bronze’s own faults when it comes to love, and breezy lead single “FIGURE IT OUT” which rejects the emotional labour of toxic push-pull relationship dynamics and embraces the freedom of no longer being burdened by something that diminishes your self-worth.

photo credit: Justin Gilbert

Writing and producing much of it by himself to ensure it is unmistakably his own, Bronze’s upcoming debut album SOFTMETAL shares the often-harsh realities of modern romance while giving us a way to dance through any feelings and reminding us that it’s as beautiful to let people into your life as it is to also give them the ability to walk out.

Embracing carelessness and blending pop with influences of guitar-driven indie rock, hip hop, garage, and R&B to capture a newfound level of honesty, SOFTMETAL dives deep into heartfelt, confessional storytelling and songwriting as a formal introduction to the multi-faceted artist Bronze has evolved into – emerging both a softer and stronger person and artist. PRESS HERE to pre-order/pre-save. Capturing a period of time where Bronze has felt most himself within his music, SOFTMETAL soundtracks the queer experience and draws on queer sensuality to abandon the stereotypes placed on LGBTQ+ people of colour, inspire people to be their authentic selves, and stand in a space that doesn’t always welcome it.