Press Play: K.ZIA – Glow Feat. Noah Slee

The new K.ZIA‘s sing just dropped, and it is beautiful, it is empowering, a real love letter to the black community. The lyrics video is outstanding and, really just makes you feel good. “Glow” is a message to people of color to keep standing and glowing despite… many things.

The afro community has been going through a lot for decades, and the last few months it’s come out a little more. In times when confronted to a lot of emotional draining experiences, it is important to have art that warmths the soul and helps you take a deep breath. Glow was written to spread a positive message and help release whatever needs releasing. A self love and appreciation message to remind us of our worthwhile being in a society that hasn’t always made it easy to do so.

Video by K.ZIA and John Miller
Song written by K.ZIA, Lavon Van der Toorn and Noah Slee Produced by Jan Van der Toorn
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Photography by Foli Creppy
Instagram: @fruitypoet

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