Press Play: kayowa – ‘fresh’

Rising star Kayowa releases their new single ‘Fresh’. This next taste of music in 2022 is glowing with self-love and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, dreamy chimes ring throughout the undeniably radiant instrumental, perfectly juxtaposing the message of the song itself. Co-written with collaborator and friend Pink Pantheress, ‘Fresh’ comes accompanied by a glistening visual, providing an extra layer of immersion into Kayowa’s tantalising creative process.

Fresh is all about being a bad b*tch and walking in your own power, regardless of what the world has to say. At first glance, people assume I’m all sweet and flowery and don’t have a backbone… but when I’m tested, I can easily switch in a heartbeat and put people in their place. This can be reflected in the song: the beat itself sounds all cute and girly, but if you listen to the lyrics, my cocky side leaps out. I’m telling people not to give me advice because I won’t listen. Don’t let my smile fool you, there’s a lot of fierceness beneath the mask.

With a fusion of fierce energy, intricate 90’s Nintendo sampling and thoughtful introspection, Kayowa is the UK’s hottest emerging alt-rapper. The self-produced south-London-songstress has begun cementing themself into the UK’s rap scene, Kayowa wowed attendees at the recent Future Mode live show, performing a hypnotic set with her distinctive spoken-word style. The rising talent has additionally been shortlisted for Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition.


fresh is out now on tenwest: