Press Play: KUOKO – ‘ALL I WANT’

Hamburg-based multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter KUOKO is pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘All I Want’, lifted from her upcoming album due for release later this year through German cult label Kabul Fire Records. Written and produced by KUOKO herself, ‘All I Want’ draws on a myriad of influences from pop, indie, electronica and soul; starting off in KUOKO’s typical dreamlike manner, centring her voice and it develops into an empowering dance track when the chorus hits. Her message here is as simple as it is clear, for KUOKO only wants one thing in life: Paving her own path in a world that bursts of way too many options and just as much confusion. She says: “In ‘All I want’ I contemplate on the question of what it takes to be content in a digital society – the answer is simple: Connection.”

In KUOKO’s case, music poses the connecting element, especially since the pandemic interrupted and even damaged our ability to human bonding, which in itself posed a significant challenge to the collective’s mental health. With this opener to a promising album release, KUOKO proves that music does connect and best connects us on the dance floor.

For a few years now KUOKO has proven herself a skilful, self-producing composer/songwriter and a master of the synth-pop sonic world. With a crystal clear voice, KUOKO taps into melancholic, dreamlike spheres (Floating), whether in indie-pop fashion (Hiding In The Dark) or even in danceable, electronic dresses (Perfect Girl).


By the time her self-titled debut album was released in September 2021 via Kabul Fire Records, KUOKO established herself as a unique allrounder that puts as much effort into creating the visual world around her sound, as in playing elusive live shows. After being invited to prominent showcase festivals like the Great Escape (UK) or Popkultur Festival (GER), she played several support shows with the electro-pop duo ÄTNA in Switzerland. As a cover artist of Spotify’s EQUAL GSA playlist (Oct 2021) the Hamburg-based artist even reached the New York Times Square’s Billboards, next to other female artists, who are passing borders internationally.

Thematically KUOKO’s music functions as a mirror of her self-reflection processes regarding an increasingly digital world lacking human connection and the visibility and recognition of female producers. Addressing society’s patriarchal structures she sings: “I’ll never be the perfect girl that you want me to be” in her previous lead single, clarifying her stance on society’s absurd expectations of women. Since KUOKO continues to hold her space as a creative in an industry that places many obstacles for artists like her, while processing the human experience in the 21st century, we’ll be getting more music and bolder sounds.

Photo and artwork by @trocadera_2000
Fashion by @learesech

ALL I WANT is out now via Kabul Fire Records