Press Play: Oh Brother – Hantelbank

Oh Brother released their song “Hantelbank” two weeks ago, which thematizes being ashamed of one’s own body and tells autobiographically how they were raised as children to be stronger and how this bullying drove them into an unhealthy sports addiction , they fought hunger with cigarettes and this has left their (mental) traces to this day. Now the band is adding the video that comes with the participation of well-known content creators: 

In their current single “Hantelbank”, Oh Brother take a deep look into their own biography and tell, with an honesty that is especially refreshing for pop music, of their development from overweight teenagers to sporty young men. It quickly becomes clear that in their latest song the two of them by no means celebrate for fitness successes, but rather focus on the darker side of the transformation.

“HANTELBANK“  OH BROTHER Download or stream:

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