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A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Lorenzo Basili. Model is Cecilia. Styling by Federica Mazzucchelli using fashion by ASOS, Weekday, Glamourous, Mango, Forever 21, Bershka, Boohoo. Makeup by Daria Boscarelli.

Photography by Lorenzo Basili / Instagram: @lorenzo.basili

Styling by Federica Mazzucchelli / Instagram: @tutto_doppio

Makeup by Daria Boscarelli/  Instagram: @dariaboscarelli

Model is Cecilia

Lorenzo Basili says: “I am 20 years old. I moved to Milan 2 years ago, but I was born in a little medieval town in Umbria, central Italy, called Orvieto.

I started taking pictures when I was 14 and I learned all about composition, camera settings and post-production all by my own and I kept on practising, both video and photography while I was in the high school studying Latin and ancient Greek languages.

I had to fight a lot with my parents, as everyone, to make them understand that I was made for making stuff, and not study. When I bought my first camera, with my own money, I started shooting my friends at parties and later I decided to start experimenting with lighting techniques using friends as model and sometimes I used to do the styling too, it was very funny and I was always wondering and dreaming what it would have been like shooting true models with good stylist in a studio.

Moving to Milan, where I study filmmaking at NABA, I had the opportunity, step by step, to work with models and stylists and so I started working on fashion films and editorials. It is always very exciting to work and meet new people and work together for the same result and that is moved by passion.

Photography for me is a lot about light. Light is a photographer weapon and even if it sounds basic light for a photographer is like the brush for a painter. Very often the sun creates an amazing light passing through a coloured glass of a window or just cut by a big net or a railing. But also neon coloured light are extremely fascinating and inspiring to me, like the red backlight that shapes your jawline coming from cars in the traffic while you are sitting on a bus or big advertising ledwalls.

I like to look and find a good lighting spot but also to shape it, especially if I am shooting in a studio. The power of light is absolutely amazing, it can really shape a face or change the whole meaning of the picture, and so experimenting with light and filters you can achieve amazing lightning.”