Qveen Herby’s Top 5 Favourite Places in LA

L.A. based singer-songwriter and rapper Qveen Herby pays tribute to legendary soul artist, Sade in her first electronic R’n’B single from EP 3 titled, ‘Sade In The 90s.’ An unapologetic track in which Qveen Herby exudes an unwavering confidence and swagger while rhyming Gucci loafer with Deepak Chopra, ‘Sade In The 90s’ features Qveen Herby’s powerfully smooth vocals over a hauntingly groovy instrumental that no doubt sets up what is to be expected in her upcoming musical project. To celebrate the release the talented musician takes us on a trip of her 5 hottest spots in LA.

Comoncy 12265 Ventura Blvd.

Hands down favourite meal of the day is breakfast. This spot has delicious, but really healthy food because you don’t wanna fuck up your day with pancakes…I mean you can’t eat pancakes first thing in the morning. Not to mention they have good vibes and kombucha. I usually keep it simple with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and a green salad. There’s also a magical cinnamon roll in the pastry cabinet if I’m feeling feisty.

Rodeo Drive

One of my big muses when becoming Qveen Herby was visiting the Gucci store for the first time. I had never bothered to bask in the lavish stores that line this famous Beverly Hills street. First time I rolled through, I got pulled over for having tinted windows and thought it was the most pretentious place on earth. But when I shifted to the boss bitch mentality it became my playground. Fashion is ART and this place inspires me so much.

iGlow MedSpa 9400 Brighton Way

For years I neglected my skin through travel, stress, and touring. I put Nurse Nataly and her team on it and have never felt more beautiful. It’s also extreeeemely relaxing getting facials here. Today I got the anti-ageing facial complete with an oxygen mask. You get cleansed and hydrated, then sit in a violet light chamber for 20 minutes like a sexy Darth Vader.

Nespresso Boutique

I have an addiction to coffee…who can relate? This is basically the bougie Keurig but George Clooney is involved and it’s European AF. Almost weekly I go and pick up 4 sleeves of different espressos and sit on the patio to brainstorm song concepts. I don’t drink all that coffee by myself, but my team indulges when we are working at the house on video edits or mixing.

Wasteland 7428 Melrose Ave.

You will not find a better selection or range of dope vintage shit. The thrill of the chase is real because they’re always getting new inventory. Last week I found a 90’s Givenchy fur vest and red Versace knee-high boots. They play hip hop/r&b and everyone working here is a stylist or creative type, so the vibe is right. If you want killer deals and something nobody else is wearing, stop by and get your life.

‘Sade In The 90s’ is out now