Rebecca Salvadori X Atonal and X Marsèll Paradise in Milano

photos by Henerico Rossi

Rebecca Salvadori, a London-based artist, filmmaker, and video artist, has recently captivated audiences with her thought-provoking works showcased at Atonal Berlin and Marsèll Paradise in Milano. With a keen focus on the intersection of video art and documentary, Salvadori’s creations invite viewers into a realm where personal and transpersonal experiences converge.

Atonal Berlin: “Messengers”

At Atonal Berlin, Salvadori presented two intriguing works, one of them being “Messengers.” This 20-minute video piece was filmed in Konvikt – Umělecké Centrum, a former Jesuit monastery, where Salvadori constructed a temporary set. Collaborating with musicians Kenichi Iwasa and Maxwell Sterling, light artist Charlie Hope, writer, editor, and curator Elaine Tam, and photographer Henerico Rossi, Salvadori masterfully created a series of mise-en-scènes, live performances, and intimate conversations.

The footage, originally shot during the PAF Olomouc 21st Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, delves into the nature of friendship, music, and relationships with the city of London. Through a subjective and intimate lens, Salvadori invites the audience to explore different meta-narratives that unfold within the film’s captivating frames. The deconstructed film set became an event in itself, blurring the lines between the audience and the film.

Marsèll Paradise: “The Sun Has No Shadow”

Salvadori’s captivating exhibition project, “The Sun Has No Shadow,” unfolded at Marsèll Paradise in Milano. This project delves into her ongoing long-term cinematic endeavour, exploring the underground music scene in London and her profound connection with the city.

“The Sun Has No Shadow,” presented as a video installation, serves as one of the exhibition’s pivotal chapters. Taking viewers on a visual and auditory journey, Salvadori masterfully captures the essence and energy of London’s vibrant music scene. The premiere of “Messengers” accompanies the exhibition, providing an immersive experience complemented by live performances featuring Kenichi Iwasa, Olivia Salvadori & Coby Sey, Sandro Mussida, and Charlie Hope.

Rebecca Salvadori’s artistry bridges the realms of film, sound, and collaboration, creating highly personal yet enigmatic works that beckon viewers to dive deeper into moments, people, and environments. Her audio/visual creations have found themselves showcased in prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, including Kraftwerk Berlin, ICA, South London Gallery, Barbican Art Center, and many more.

As an artist devoted to connecting the moving image with sound practices and live performance, Salvadori’s work continues to captivate and engage audiences globally. With her multifaceted approach and her commitment to innovative storytelling, she is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the realm of contemporary art.

Marsèll Paradise – Via Privata Rezia, 2, Milan – is a concept store of the Venetian brand Marsèll. Recently renovated, it features a bookshop with international magazines and books, including a selection of vintage publications. It’s also a polyfunctional event space, hosting exhibitions and shows organized in cooperation either with Marsèll’s creative headquarters or with local artists and emerging talents.

You can learn more about Rebecca Salvadori and her work on her website or by visiting her Instagram