Rebel Ride

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Maya Geier. Styling by David Bebodis. Models are Natanel Roytblat and Amit Malul for Agency Roberto Ben Shoshan. Hair was done by Yacov Boaron. Make up by Qamai Harel. Fashion by Gal Uzan, Tzlil Cohen, Maya Cassouto, Avi On Asayag, Gonzalo Escalante, Elron Zvi and Orttu.

Photography by Maya Geier / Instagram: @maya_geier
Styling by David Bebodis / Instagram: @im_david_benodis
Models are Natanel Roytblat / Instagram: @nati.royt
Amit Malul for agency Roberto Ben Shoshan / Instagram: @amit_malul_10
Hair stylist: Yacov Boaron / Instagram @yacovboaron
Make up by Qamai Harel / Instagram: @qamai

“Today I am a fashion photographer and a computer science and cinema student at Tel Aviv University.
My interest in photography started at the age of 17 when I bought my first camera for my trip to South America. Two years later, after experimenting in many fields of photography, I decided to focus on fashion photography and enrolled in the Ron Kedmi school of photography. since graduating, a photograph independent fashion productions and publish them in international and local fashion magazines.

Fashion photography for me is a very special way of expression. I am enchanted by the process of development of fashion photography, the way that the world of photography goes back to analogue photography, the purest form, and allows each artist to fully express their point of view visually in such a precise way. throughout the years I have experimented in many forms of art such as dancing (modern and ballet), drawing, music, fashion design and more. but no form of art is quite alike photography for me, in the sense that it enables me like no other form of art to express my love for fashion and beauty, to express issues that beguile me, to express my feelings and my world view. More than anything, photography is the most exciting platform to tell a story, to create a fantasy and bring it to life.

One of the issues that I deal with is the constant battle with loneliness, the constant battle to feel loved at all costs. This story expresses a choice for freedom. A choice to live life to the fullest, to connect with nature, to disappear in the essence of the moment. An everlasting connection at last becoming reality. This story is about going outside of society’s norms and breaking a social depression, a  choice to live by our own rules and be who what we choose to be. A choice for freedom.” says Maya Geier.