A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Italia Cardinale. Styling by Amanda Padilha and Italia Cardinale. Model is Yesid Sanchez signed at Two Management Barcelona. Make-up and Hair by Gloria Cullel.

“Ever since I was very young, I was surrounded by art supplies. My dad always encouraged me to draw and paint and I like to think that’s what I do with photography. I create paintings and stories except that instead of brushes I use light. I’ve always felt an undeniable need to express myself. To show others what I have in my brain; Whether I do it painting, singing, cooking, dancing, or taking pictures I have to let out what I feel and keep in my mind. Fashion for me is a form of art just as any other that allows self-expression in so many different ways and together with photography I feel the perfect catalyst to create and connect with others through my images so, at the end of the day, fashion photography for me is more than just a superficial thing as some could think.

It’s a marriage of ideas that converge in a perfect storm and storytelling. My kind of photography I like to think is one that makes others feel something. It doesn’t matter what as long as a spark happens. With this story, I wanted to shine a light on the struggles that minorities face; particularly in this case: Black people around the world. As a Latina woman growing up in Costa Rica, I’ve had to deal with many issues growing up, circumstances that some people can’t even imagine but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This feeling made me want to shine the light also on those that face many injustices every day of their life for no reason at all other than ignorance and hate. Just because I don’t live them myself it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’m proud of every single person that despite the trials they have to endure, continue to fight and come out victorious and stronger at the end. I feel like that is the core of human nature, and I wish for all of us to see the beauty in everyone else. The soft and strong side that makes us unique, and that we embrace our differences and applaud the achievements that follow us as we thrive beyond the things that are personally visible or invisible to us. We are Resilient and we don’t give up.”

Photography by Italia Cardinale / Instagram: @italiacardinale
Styling by Amanda Padilha / Instagram: @outdated.fashionperson
and also by Italia Cardinale / Instagram: @italiacardinale
Make-up and Hair by Gloria Cullell / Instagram:
Model is Yesid Sanchez signed at Two Management Barcelona / Instagram: @yeesiiddd @twomanagementbarcelona
Retouching by Italia Cardinale
Creative Direction by Italia Cardinale

Brands are:
Mans Concept
American Apparel
American Vintage
Favela Crew
Calvin Klein
Selected Homme
River Island