Riz Poli Spring/Summer 2024 – Take a break at my secret garden

During the recent Paris Fashion Week, acclaimed fashion designer Riz Poli unveiled a captivating SS24 collection that left spectators awestruck. Drawing inspiration from “the black book of Colours” and the duality of senses, the collection was born from the designer’s desire to challenge traditional perspectives on garments.


The SS24 collection featured bold and vibrant colours, as well as a striking array of mismatched fabric combinations. These elements were carefully crafted to offer multiple perspectives on the garments, providing viewers with a new way to appreciate fashion.

Held at Parc de Belleville, the show’s location was the perfect backdrop to bring the designer’s concept to life. On one hand, the surroundings were raw and chaotic, with graffiti scattered all around. On the other hand, trees, grass, and nature provided a touch of peace and serenity. The music, specially created for the event, added an extra layer of sensory appeal, with the intention of not just hearing the music but feeling the image and colour.

The SS24 collection featured a range of key pieces, from flowy dresses to ruffle blazers, raincoats to transparencies – each offering its own unique element of style and beauty. Colour and lightness played a significant role throughout the collection, with the designer’s keen eye for detail shining through every piece.

With the unveiling of this impressive SS24 collection, Riz Poli has solidified their reputation as a fashion designer who is bold, creative, and pushing the boundaries of fashion. Fashion enthusiasts can look forward to seeing more of what this talented designer has to offer in the years to come.