Salt! In conversation with California-based indie-pop artist GERLE!

Gerle is an artist who has an incredible musical journey behind her and in front of her. Gerle’s influences hail from the likes of Robyn, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna, but her sonic quality is unique and effervescent all on its own. She is unapologetic, vulnerable, and unafraid to be herself – all the best and most badass qualities to have.

“Salt” is an amazing song, it’s both beautiful and heartbreaking. Assuming it tells a real-life story, how did it all turn out?

Thank you! That’s actually a great question. And if I were a woman of great self-respect and female wisdom I would say, it turned out great, I dumped the bastard. But alas, I am Gerle and I suck at life. Hence the song. I hope that answers your question…

It seems like it was a bit tough to write, can you tell us about that process and how it compares to what it’s normally like for you?

It was actually one of the easier songs to take shape. My mom was trying to talk me off a ledge, I was so upset. Only when you are on the outside (mom) advising someone on the situation can you calmly say, just take it with a grain of Salt… thats when the concept came to me. SALT, evolved a bit, obviously, but It took off from there. I love the idea that we need salt to survive, but at the same time, too much will kill you. Also, tears are salty, and I am too.

Bearing some pain I think is something we can all expect when going into a relationship, but where do you think the line is drawn?

I definitely agree. However when you are sacrificing more and feeling miserable more, and there is no resolution, and you know the person will never be able to resolve anything with you or in regards to you, it’s time to move on. I know that was a run but it was the right thing to do. (LOLZ)

Where does it fit in the current framework of what you’re doing? is it part of an upcoming project or does it stand on its own?

This is song 2 on my EP THIS THREAD. But I also think it stands on its own, but I may be slightly biased.

Do you have a favourite line in this song? a verse that you’re particularly proud of?

The taste
When nothing’s safe
I’ll take 
The strange
The sane
tossing and turning
the whole world is burning

This may be one of my favourite songs, so I love all the lines. However, I think this verse is open enough for interpretation. While it could mean so many things to so many different people, it also keeps the listener intrigued.

The Lyrics video for the song piqued our interest for both its style and the imagery of it. What can you tell us about its making and what do you hope people can glean from it other than some cool visuals?

This crazy talented artist Alex Dar did the video. I was a little more involved with these, I think maybe slightly annoying even, but he was so patient with me and so sweet! I wanted the lyric videos to be quiet and beautiful as if the viewer were the last person on the planet where there is calm and peace. The theme of this batch of songs is definitely solitude like I wrote these songs to myself.

What else is coming up in the near future from Gerle?

Transforming from a Gerle to a Baby Gerle. And plenty more music!