A KALTBLUT exclusive featuring the new Simon Cracker Milano MEN S/S2020 collection. The new collection was presented during Milan Fashion Week. Photography by Marilù Venditti. Art Director: Simone Botte. Styling by Carmelo Corvaia. Models are Min Woo and Egor Smyrnov. Makeup and hair by Gaetano Tricarico. /

“The tourist” has always fascinated me. The fact that they behave in a way that is different from mine, because of their background and their hometown traditions, lead me to study them. 

Trip to Zurigo, 1993, I was the tourist, on a small boat that went all around the lake in an hour. At that moment I focused on all the tourists that surrounded me, people coming from different countries in just a few square meters. I could feel the potpourri of languages and I was sewing a patchwork of funny faces with my eyes.

These memories inspire me and push me toward the spring-summer I imagined.

Little people who explore the world, with their cameras and comfortable sandals. 

The knitwear was modelled after striped one-piece swimsuits from the ’30s. The pieces break, they tear up until they become tops, shorts and pencil skirts made of thousands of coloured stripes that resemble upholstery fabric samples that spread out like a rainbow onto the genderless trenches, as well. Souvenir t-shirts paired with sand-coloured tailored suits decorated with pen graffiti, silicone, deconstructed and de-structured. Silk-like floral jumpsuits are reminiscent of the ’90s. I wanted to replicate the spontaneity of those who disinterestedly combine contrasting patterns and fabrics to reach comfortability, to be able to walk, get dirty and sweat in between a museum visit and the following one.”

Photography by Marilù Venditti @mariluvenditti_ph
Art Director: Simone Botte @simone.botte
Styling by Carmelo Corvaia @carmelocorvaia5
Mua/Hair: Gaetano Tricarico @tricarico_gaetano
Models are Min Woo – Brave models management @nicminwoo
Egor Smyrnov – I love models managment