Mohamed Sani by Mohsen Othman  

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mohsen Othman. The model is Mohamed Sani. Styling by Habiba Gazia. Mohsen Othman is one of the most prolific photographers of his generation. Othman has been rejuvenating the Egyptian fashion scene with photography and art direction. Primarily a fashion photographer, he creates crisp, edgy editorial photography incorporating elements of gender-bending as well as social commentary.

In this shoot, the model exhibits his raw yet fluid masculinity by embracing the power of his vulnerability. Othman captures the sculptural young man’s beauty while highlighting his piercing glaze in a very contemporary but still timeless take.

Photography and Art Direction: Mohsen Othman / Instagram: @lemosen
Model: Mohamed Sani / Instagram: @mohamedsani_
Modelling agency: Unn Models @unnmodels
Styling: Habiba Gazia @byhgazia

Brands: Almah, Almah Vintage, Asos