See you in the fog

#Lookbook – Introducing designer Linus Leonardsson. Photography by Lineta Liduma. Hailing from Stockholm but currently based in Antwerp and London, Linus Leonardsson is a Master graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His work centres around the combination of fun and glamour with important social issues – first and foremost the demolition of gender expectations within fashion, and a push towards a fully sustainable industry. The core purpose of his collections is to create a feast and fantasy for the eyes that are relating and impacting the world we live in.

“See you in the fog” is set at a summer night rave in a forest outside of Stockholm. It is referencing the teenage fear of not fitting into an adult world, and their attempts to adapt and finding out who they are. The results are silhouettes that are glamorous and fabulous and celebrating individuality and self-love. It deals with a world of opposing contrasts, where natural rawness meets artificiality, tradition juxtaposes new social norms and trash left at a party contrasts new ways of preserving nature. 

Fashion by Linus Leonardsson / Instagram: @linusleonardsson

Photography by Lineta Liduma / Instagram: @linetaliduma

Model is Jelle De Beer signed at Bananas Models / Instagram: @jll.db

Model is Lisah Adeaga / Instagram: @lisahadeaga

Make up by Dorothy Vandemaele / / Instagram: @dorothyvandemaele

Set assistance by Martins Rozenfelds / Instagram: @rozenfelds_martins