Selbstzucht by Shari Annabell Marks

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Shari Annabell Marks is an artist and photographer currently based in Berlin.
In her latest work “Selbstzucht”, which is mainly shot in analogue, she uses her own body in a series of self-portraits alongside staged scenes of her family and close friends. Model is Youka Snell.

“Selbstzucht” deals in four chapters with the destructive forces of body mania. A delusion which is characterized by a perverted industrial creativity that seems inexhaustible. The images expose ways of chastising the body for a supposedly superior but unattainable ideal.

The photographic stagings break a compulsion, born of shame and physical insecurity, in order to loosen the shackles of one’s own ragging.

Photography by Shari Annabell Marks / / Instagram: @shariannabellmarks

Model is Youka Snell / Instagram: @youkamanuka