Sesselilift Modenschau: Livia Rita’s coming ArtFashion collection “CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS”

How to become an otherworldly revolutionary’ – was brought to life in an airborne fashion performance – the ‘Sesselilift Modenschau’ – on a 1960s ski lift in the remote Alpine valley of Obertoggenburg. Two metres of social distancing and fresh mountain air guaranteed.

The ‘CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS’ manifests an alternative in-between world called FUTURA – a new safe-space inhabited by 11 mystical creatures – where our future desires and personal mythologies can take shape.

Livia Rita is an emerging singer, designer and witch with a devotion to rethinking the status quo. They are accompanied by the Avantgardeners Collective, a wider family of creatives dedicated to inspiring ecological revolution. Livia Ritas electronica/pop debut album FUGA FUTURA will be launched as an ambitious concept album in summer 2021. Currently living between London and various artist residencies, Livia Rita has returned to the Alps for the ‘Sesselilift Modenschau’, where they grew up, to fill the skies with the FUTURA ArtFashion.

An extended second ‘Sesselilift Modenschau’ will take place mid / end May, streamed online and IRL – more info on

ArtFashion & concept by Livia Rita / / Instagram: @liviarita
Photography by Cedric Zellweger / Instagram: @cedriczellweger

Models are @anna_13405, @bloeterliwasser, @daskindvordemeuchallewarnten, @effi.mer.d, @helloking__, @iaraxnicole, @juliamilenafaessler, @lolitaren, @lotte._.koelman, @liviarita, @miruhfrutiger, @marialehberg, @prisscess, @missactiv, @navaura, @seti_m

Make up by Jasmin Simmen / Instagram: @visualsbyjasminsimmen
and Nicole Rüegg / Instagram: @mua_nxr
Production by Avantgardeners Collective / Instagram: @avantgardenerscollective & @ellora.comm