SEX ME UP – The Queerdos Calendar 2020! Order online

Have yourself a queery little christmas and a sexy new year! And order our charity calendar online! Special thanks to Schwuz, Fake PR and Papertwins for the support!

“SEX ME UP – The Queerdos Calendar 2020” is a collaborative project made by, with, and for Berlin’s queer community. Twelve shots offer twelve different glimpses into the multifaceted experience of queerness. Each model embodies their own personal queerness through poses and costumes of their own choice. They show themselves as they see themselves and, most importantly, as they want to be seen. Shop Here

SEX ME UP is a nonprofit project. All money raised will be donated to GLADT e.V., an organization of black, indigenous and POC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter* and queers in Berlin.

“The spectrum of queerness is wider than we think. It’s diverse, inclusive, political and ironical, but overall, it is sexual. That’s why we want to put a spin on the concept of vintage calendars that were hung in garages by embracing the funny, sexual, diverse, inclusive, political and ironical queer vibe.”

Get it for 15 Euros plus
2 Euros shipping Germany
4 Euros shipping worldwide

Shop Here

Photography Tomás Eyzaguirre @tomeyza
Styling Esteban Pomar @esteban_pomar
Production Nicolas Simoneau @nicolas_simoneau
Photo assistant Agustin Farias @agustinfar
Hair & Make-up
Felix Stößer @felixstoesser
Sarah Hartgens @sarahhartgens
Astrid Mogren @as.trid.x

Location: MOTION LAB Berlin @motionlabberlin
Models are Rodrigua @rodriga.ig, Nicolas @nicolas_simoneau, Felicity @felicity_felicis, Luke @lukeneocamp, Mikey @mikey.woodbridge, Lee @daddypuss.rex, Matthias Panitz, @_panitz, Cindie @cindiepopper, Diego @diegonawrath, Maria @marialifts, Isu @isu_mignon_mignonne, Karma She @Karma_She feat. @dynnodada and @laurenjaynepringle