Side by Side

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by 58kg. Art direction by Jian Chi Chen. Models are Er Wang & Evan Luo. Fashion designed by ChingLin. Make-up by Ooi Oh. Hair by Âng Tsín-iông.

All the clothes are worn in this series “Side by Side” are made by Ching Lin. This collection of clothing is to combines both the essence of masculine and feminine together and shows that through the fashion details that there are no gender preferences. We are side by side as one.

Photography by 58kg / / instagram: @58kg.chuanshun
Art direction by Jian Chi Chen / instagram:
Models are Er Wang & Evan Luo / instagram: @erwang22 @actor_evan_model
Fashion designed by ChingLin / instagram: @the.chinglin
Make up by Ooi Oh / instagram: @ooioh_makeup_
Hair by Âng Tsín-iông / instagram: @iongsetsng
Photography assistant by Whizz Chen & Shu Shan Chen & Alien Shoulder / Instagram: @whizzchen @shu.shan.chen @alienshoulder