Silhouettes Of A Strong And Vulnerable Behaviour

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Pascal Schattenburg. The model is Assan Sowe signed at Visage Management. All pieces by MARKE. ‘Art and trash don’t compete but are correlated. The street has aroused classicism. Dom Pérignon and burger have always been a perfect match, just as Britney Spears and Nietzsche’

Driven by the mindset to understand the human spirit and personality as a free, dynamic construct, MARKE creates collections which give the character room to explore different shapes of aesthetics simultaneously.

A rich canon of inspiration, influences of historic decades and future epochs creates a world that puts products in a new context by playing with conventional and alternative approaches.

Hybridity, fluidity and eclecticism play paramount roles. Historic and newly developed manufacturing techniques balance the borders of jewellery, textile, accessories and interior production.


Photography by Pascal Schattenburg / Instagram: @pascal.schattenburg
The model is Assan Sowe signed at Visage Management / Instagram: @officialassan


All pieces by MARKE // // Instagram: @marke.brand