Sirène Orientale

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Paris. Photography by Jiang Wei. Model is Zhou Yuming. Makeup & hair by Solène Oumedjekane. The model is wearing a vintage traditional cheongsam, brand is unknown as it dates back a long time ago and belongs to the grandmother of the model.

“I started photography 4 four years ago. For me, one of the most exciting things about photography is that I can tap into the potential of people through my work and transform them into their fantasy characters. The theme of this photoshoot is “Sirène Orientale” which means oriental mermaid. I turned my friend Zhou, a sweet and gentle girl into the character she loved in her childhood, the mermaid, more precisely, the enhanced version of it. The soft lines of the model’s face and her fierce eyes, combined by the cheongsam (traditional manchu dress) formed a strong, contrasting punch, making the photo a new interpretation of the mysterious species where the gentle and the wild meet. ”

Photography by Jiang Wei / Instagram: @Laplandsoul
Model is Zhou Yuming / Instagram: @lydiacorn0
Makeup & hair by Solène Oumedjekane / Instagram: @so.tise
Set assistant is Zheng Beige / Instagram: @baoge.zheng