Sisterhood, an editorial by Olga Ozierańska

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial from Poland. Photography by Olga Ozierańska. Models are Natalia Sobieska and Katarzyna Makuła.  Olga Ozierańska is a 31- year- old photographer and film editor from Warsaw. She studied at Art Academy in Poland and Spain. She likes minimalism, geometry and symbolisms.

“The inspiration to create this story were deliberations over face and identity.What is the truth about a human being? Is it as we perceive ourselves or as others see us? Mask and face. Creation and truth. Where is the border between illusion and reality? I referred to theatrical motives and the world of mystical gestures from the films by David Lynch.”


Photographer: Olga Ozierań
Designer:  Wiola.ry
Model: Natalia Sobieska / D’vision
Model: Katarzyna Makuła
Make-up: Paulina Kurowiak
Hair: Julka Dzwonkowska
Assistant: Victor Palimaka