Sofia Kourtesis – Exclusive mixtape and interview!

The multi-talented Sofia Kourtesis has created an exclusive mixtape for KALTBLUT! She’s also squeezed in a quick interview to talk about her new music and hip hop roots. From organising bookings in renowned Hamburg clubs, Sofia made her big step into the music world when she took her own musical knowledge and stepped behind the decks herself.



Through the process of learning by doing, she discovered a real penchant for mixing. From Hamburg to Berlin, Sofia also found herself across the water in Japan, Israel and Peru. At festivals like MELT! and Dockville she is a welcomed guest, along with contributing to artists like Gold Panda. With “This Is It”, Sofia presents her first EP where she shows us her full potential as a producer and major role in the electronica world.

KALTBLUT: Were there any major musical influences when you were growing up?

Sofia: Yes, when I was growing up I listened a lot to Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Björk and Beastie Boys. I really admire their unique style and the risk they took for that time, that was really inspiring for me

KALTBLUT: I read you were in a hip hop band when you were younger! What made you decide to change direction music wise?

Sofia: I love hip hop, that’s what I listen when I’m at home, but unfortunately I was not the best rapper, so I decided to try to express my feelings with music that I could produce better and from everywhere in the world

KALTBLUT: What do you think is essential when producing your own music? Do you use any instruments?

Sofia: When I produce my own music I think about a concept of an emotion, for example my family, a broken heart, a happy heart, a sleepy heart, I love to dream. I basically use a lot of synth and piano sounds and xylophones and children instruments. I am crazy about them, they have a dreamy special sound. I also like to use the sound of birds and paper, elephants, everything what crosses my mind when I think about the song.

KALTBLUT: You use a lot of layers and sound clips in your songs, do you get inspired by nature/daily noises?

Sofia: I draw a lot of inspiration from things I hear around me. From trees to cars, but I also draw a lot of inspiration from sounds I hear when I am dreaming.

KALTBLUT: Your latest track “Zaza” is beautiful, what is the story behind it?

Sofia: “Zaza”, is about death and life, about losing and winning after a while, about people I love and the pain that it cause when they are away. It is about unconditional love and wanting to take the suffering out of them and make it your own.


KALTBLUT: What is a favourite passion of yours other than music?

Sofia: Well, I love the ballet, the movement is incredible and I respect the discipline it takes really perform. I like elegance.

KALTBLUT: Is one of your dreams really to make a 35mm Science Fiction movie? What would be the title?

Sofia: Yes I am saving money to do that movie from now on. The Movie will be called “Zaza”.

KALTBLUT: What has been one of the most influential records that you’ve ever heard?

Sofia: Beastie Boys, “Same Old Bullshit”.

KALTBLUT: What’s next for Sofia?

Sofia: Next is a lot of Touring – Korea, Japan, South America, writing, having cake and tea, awww and Peruvian Food! I love to eat pretty much everything!

Sofia is playing this Friday at Konzulát! Start 10pm – Leipzigerstrasse 60, 10117 Berlin