Sound Of The Week: Plattenbau

Following Plattenbau’s 2nd studio Album Shape / Shifting comes their unforgiving 3rd album Net Prophet, out now on Dedstrange Records. Net Prophet finds the band moving deeper into the vaporous territory of 21st-century excess, where power casually corrupts absolutely and the mental netscape is more deranged in the membrane than we ever knew possible. A world on the edge, where imminent ecocide and violent social upheaval lurk beneath every minute mental distraction. The doomscroll gets longer and the attention span shorter as a disconnected global internet life takes over with its sceptres of promise and looming evasiveness.

The sound is rich in variety from the darkwave pulsing synths of “Lichtenberg Monologue” reminiscent of Shape / Shifting’s “Tomahawk” to the growling, slow-driving bass of “A New Dawn” which harks back to the bands S/T 1st record, albeit with a synth instead of guitar. Even with the stark contrasts of murder-punk “AR-15” and jangle-pop “Purgatory Mall” the record never strays from the prime colours of the band: Vox, Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Synth.

Recorded live in the Berlin studio Monoton, the record demonstrates the band in its prime – tightened up and influenced by their extensive touring, who have honed their sound from simple elements into a rich and tasty nugget, easily digestible for the modern consumer. Always true to their company slogan “tight, loose and evil™”.


Net Prophet is out now: