Space Tv Show feat. Perlensau

Perlensau, well known for its Futuristic sustainable accessories from Berlin, teamed up with AI artist Space Tv Show for a stunning AI editorial based on Perlensau´s design. An endless urge to create, technical know-how and a futuristic aesthetic provided a perfect breeding ground for the founder Nina Kharytonova and her partner Jacob Jungenkrüger (who left the brand by the end of 2020).

Artwork by Ricardo de la Rosa

This passion for innovative looks was a driving force to let the brand flourish. Since then the label reached pretty fast popularity in Berlin and abroad the city, creating with their designs a constantly growing networking in the interdisciplinary of arts like fashion editorials, music videos, performances etc.

Some of these designs are really provocative and over the top or even more than visionary, but each of them transforms even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eye-catcher.

The idea behind it is to create an experience you never ever want to miss again. And even if you ask yourself now: „can I wear it?“ – we promise you, once the piece touches your body, you can feel the rising self-confidence of a galactic amazonian and enjoy the certainty of creating a trend and not following one.

PERLENSAU is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profane, the ying and yang. To fully experience and express life’s every facet, that’s why we are here, and PERLENSAU is here to represent that. And like any philosophy, it can’t be superficial.

Artwork by Ricardo de la Rosa