Speak to me in words & bruise my lips

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Video and creative concept by Celina Collot. Photography by Daniel Paramio. The models are Virginia Valeri, Lenny Schweers and Diego Nawrath. Make-up by Ignacia. Styling by Nur Hektor. Music by Pedro Nava.

Video and creative concept by Celina Collot / Instagram: @wht_ver
Photography by Daniel Paramio / Instagram: @daniel.paramio
The models are Virginia Valeri / Instagram: @vorginger
Diego Nawrath / Instagram: @diegonawrath
Lenny Schweers / Instagram: @pink.otis
Make-up by Ignacia / Instagram: @peleacomomikasa
Styling by Nur Hektor / Instagram: @nur_hektor
Music by Pedro Nava / Instagram: @nava96pedro

Fashion Brands used are: Navaja Jewelry, Nur Hektor, Sipsinails
Instagram name for each brand: @navaja.jewelry @nur_hektor @sipsinails