Spencer Badu – Collection 011

For the 011 collection, Spencer Badu continues to explore the idea of migration and reflects on the journey of his parents from Ghana to Europe/North America. Juxtaposing the outdoor uniforms for multiple countries, the collection shows how one might adjust to different environments.


Continuing the collaboration with graphic designer Mike Sunday, the collection explores dance and music as a form of cultural preservation and historical means of transferring information.

The design references begin with iconic Afro-Caribbean clothing items such as denim, tracksuits, golf shirts and tailoring. Badu references the Caribbean with multi-colour tank tops made in Portugal using historical references and reinterpreting them through a lightweight spacing between ribs in the knit to add breathability.

The second section of the collection is inspired by sportswear. Tracksuits, golf shirts and t-shirts that are methodically drafted to have an intentional twist elevating them to an everyday wardrobe piece. The third section of the collection continues to explore the sustainable use of deadstock denim and old jeans.

“Second-hand clothing has always been a big market for African countries, but I
wanted to intercept that process and use some of our old garments before they get shipped to another country only for us to forget about them and consume more”

Lastly, Badu deconstructs the idea of opulence. Raw seams and exposed construction in tailoring give insight into opulence through the lens of Badu. Exposed linings and hidden pockets make for a more useful take on tailoring and all are made with water-replant recycled nylon. Like every season Badu is convicted to explore different ways of challenging tradition.