Steed Lord – Falcon // Runner

“Your future is at risk…”. It is not a secret that I LOVE!!! Steed Lord and whatever they do. Steed Lord are here with yet another audiovisual treat… Falcon! This glimpse into a near used-future world is the first taste of the Icelandic trio’s mini-series that will be premiering throughout the summer. I can´t wait for more..  and there is a new album in the making! BAM! Steed Lord 4EVER.

“We are in the midst of writing and recording our album here in the abyss of Los Angeles and we just had creative tantrum in the studio one day and wrote Falcon! The story will be revealed in parts and we are scoring original music for each film. This is a very exciting creative project for us that will evolve of the next months while we continue to work on our album…”- Steed Lord

Video credits: 

Director/DP/Edit/Color: Einar Egilsson
Musical score: Edvard Egilsson of Steed Lord
Story: Steed Lord
Illustration/logos: Elli Egilsson
Producer: Steed Lord Music
Styling: Svala Kali & Steed Lord
Special thanks: Tamam Tayeh, Elli ‘AC’ Egilsson, Dee Rozas, Lori at ISS Props, Sebastian Diz
Shout out to: Vincent Lamouroux & Projection LA