Subspace by VITIUM

VITIUM is a Berlin-based studio founded by Jannis Birsner & Matt Lambert focusing on queer, special projects that blur the intersections of porn & art. “VITIUM it’s proper to home for us to continue making queer, explicit film, photo and publishing projects that blur the line between art and porn.”

“Our most recent project was produced for and it’s an intensely intimate portrait of a BDSM, dom/sub relationship titled SUBSPACE — featuring Commander Ares and Roughkicks, with cinematography by acclaimed DOP, Christopher Aoun. Our aim was to celebrate the tender romance and intimacy that juxtaposes the perceived heaviness of BDSM play outside the community and take our viewer on a cathartic journey that empathized with our sub, rather than objectifies him voyeuristically.”
Vitium is a Berlin-based studio founded by @yawnnis & @dielamb