Sumi X has an electrifying debut song

Sumi X was born Sumi Krishnan in Pittsburgh, PA, the daughter of two Indian immigrants who instilled in the young Sumi to pursue her dreams and goals at all costs through determination, drive, and discipline.

Sumi grew up infatuated with the power of music from a very young age, picking up the trumpet during her high school years, where her love and determination instilled in her by her parents would lead her to win the esteemed “Jazz at Lincoln Center” accolade as a senior and sharing the stage with Wynton Marsalis. She also sang vocal jazz throughout college.

Ever the high-achieving go-getter, she started and scaled a 200-person IT and management services company, winning numerous awards and media recognition including Inc. Magazine’s “30 under 30” and making Inc.500’s “fastest growing companies” list year over year. 

Professional and financial success is one thing, but to fully realize one’s heart’s desire may also include creative and artistic self-actualization, and in Sumi’s case that meant pursuing music with all her heart.

While Sumi was making it big in business, she picked up a guitar and started writing songs. Ten years later, she sold her company and decided to chase that gilded gream down in Nashville.

After two years, Sumi finally released her debut, “Electric Baby”, an exuberant electro-pop banger with a killer beat. The Synth-heavy track relies on a lot of ethereal mood-setting that segways into Sumi’s velvety vocals. 

‘Electric Baby’ is an ode to the people who get into your mind and under your skin but in a really good way. It’s about feeling electrified and energized by those with the presence and mysticism to breathe new life into your own, allowing you to see life “in technicolour” from all the chemistry and sparks that fly when you’re together.