Summer Play by Robertson Lyngdoh

Robertson Lyngdoh is a fashion stylist and a story teller virtually from Bangalore, India. The name of the project is called Summer Play which is inspired by a lonely childhood having almost everything but no-one to play with to share it. The sibling you never have. The imaginary friend you have as a child that is only playing in your mind. That friend you would talk to while playing dress parties but slowly figured out that you’re only talking to yourself. Its a lonely-onesie world. 

” The rich color in the pictures represent the richness of summer while the body language and direction represent a deep longing for someone to share plate with. In the year 1996 there 1.3 million families with three or more children & in the year 2012 it reduces to 1.1 million. ”


Muse is Marcin Setlak ( Instagram: @marcblackmouth ) from @multitalentindia
Photographer is Dilip Darsari ( Instagram: @dilip2143 )
Creative direction & Styling by Robertson Lyngdoh ( Instagram: @robertson_lyngdoh_ )
Retoucher is Suhan sanil ( Instagram: @suhan_sanil )
Hair and Make up by Juliya

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