Super Paradise present a frenetic ode to staying up all night with “6:30”

“6:30” is a sludgy, frenetic introduction to the London-based band Super Paradise. Originally from the aesthetic metropolis of Milan, their chosen voice sounds closer to the wailings of west coast American psych where their self-directed visuals and DIY atmosphere fits as well. The band’s lead vocalist Francesco Roma explains the main inspiration behind the single coming from an ambiguous beginning or ending.

“I like that it could mean 6:30am, dawn – end of the night, end of the dance. It’s always a bit of a weird time. You could still be out after an insane night, yet you’ll walk past people who are doing the complete opposite on their way to work. There’s a bit of uncertainty about it.”

Super Paradise have already found a way to communicate that energy through this initial offering, connecting all of the early morning wanderers through fuzzed out intermissions. Watch and listen for yourself.



Feature photo by BRUDA NIK