Super Queeroes

Super Queeroes is an imaginary gang that formed one afternoon in the heart of Athens, in Exarcheia, a place where a sense of community, freedom of expression and diversity prevail, to make sure that mortals keep safe, happy, expressive, brave and wear their vulnerability as their cape and armour. Photography by Ilias Tsepas. Styling, hair and makeup by Vasso Omouridou. Models are Nanny Malual, Noe Haquette, Nikolas Chrysanthakolpoulos, and Julia Sophie Anders. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Photography by Ilias Tsepas @iliastsepas
Styling, hair and makeup by Vasso Omouridou @vassxomouridou
Model agency: x-ray models @xraymodels
Models: Nanny Malual @nanmalual
Noe Haquette @noe.hhaquette
Nikolas Chrysanthakolpoulos @kalaznikos
Julia Sophie Anders @juliaanders__
the shoot took place in June 2022: location Exarcheia, Athens, Greece

fashion credits: Too Young Today @tooyoungtoday
Selling some Candies @sellingsomecandies
Ugg @ugg
Timberland @timberland
Top King Boxing @topkingboxing_official
Adidas @adidas

Ilias Tsepas studied photography in Athens and then film, video and digital imaging in London where he stayed for a decade working with Rankin’s photography team while freelancing at the same time.

Now: @iliastsepas lives in Athens, Exarcheia where he runs a photographic studio and works freelance for various companies and publications. He’s also working on an idea for an art magazine with his business partner @evamourtzi