SWEAT YOUR PLAIN AWAY Plateau Repas’s “Best Of” Album is out NOW

MUSTHAVE ALBUM! BEST OF is the first album of the Berlin-based french-born band Plateau Repas. It took them ten years to make it. Ten years of intense sweating and dancing in the best parties of Europe. Ten years to fully understand the intricate process of digital release.  Their legendary performances in the darkest hours have nourished the same energy they now deliver on the album.

In ten years they crafted some funky alternative hits like Jean-Claude or Vampire, but it took them THAT long to find solutions to bring out all the fun of their live performances into an album suitable for home listening. Preaching fun through adversity, the power of friendship and a desperate sense of party, this album is one for the contemporary era. As they state in the song “Crack!” : « As weʼre all gonna die, at least letʼs party ».

Dark lyrics and electrifying beats are the trademark of the trio. They gather the lucid wish for hedonism of the Berlin international youth, where irony and cynicism hides a genuine desire to transform the world.

Is Plateau Repas a political act? They answer:
« Your abs make sense when your mind is absent! »

BEST OF – Released December 11, 2015
All tracks written and produced by Fleur Helluin, Marianne Jacquet and Valentin Plessy.
Mixing and mastering by Krowbatch. © 2015 Plateau Repas

Support the artists and get the album at: plateau-repas.bandcamp.com/album/best-of

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