A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction and Photography by Marcs Harker. Model is Ioan Maximilian. Makeup & Hair by Fabskum. Styling by La Sunny. Fashion film by Adrián Sanga.

The world has become a filthy dump of opinions, hatred and oppression.
In this hostile place, a new race is born out of its own crime.
Its new identity implies a sprout of life in between mountains of garbage
until Humanity is ready to end the old regimen.
But this demands a great sacrifice:
in this apocaliptic times, who will be brave enough to murder
their old-self to blossom into their authentic reality?

Art Direction and Photography by Marcs Harker / Instagram: @marcs.harker
Model is Ioan Maximilian / Instagram: @thedevilwearsmugler
Makeup & Hair by Fabskum / Instagram: @_fab_skum_
Styling by La Sunny / Instagram: @lasunnydelight
Fashion film by Adrián Sanga / Instagram: @adriasanga

Brands used are: Marlo Studio @mmarlostudio / AHUG @ahugofficial / RGV @rgvmadrid / Digital Distortion @digital_distortion666 / DEvaya Studio @_devaya

Marcs Harker is a 22-year-old, Madrid-based designer and multidisciplinary creative seeking for new forms of expression and existing between established artforms. Not really into been fit in a box, he wants to experiment and explore the possibilites as a visual creator, leaning towards the darker side of his identity, the place where he gets all of his inspiration.