Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast: Talida Wegener + Lutz Leichsenring

The new Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast explores the exciting and multi-faceted stories of the nightlife’s protagonists. Gesine Kühne and Jakob Thoene meet DJs, club operators, bouncers, dancers and many other protagonists of the night. The Electronic Beats Podcast series is the perfect way to hear about the fascinating stories, debates and personalities that make the electronic music scene what it is today.

Lutz Leichsenring from Clubcommission Berlin e.V

The seventh podcast episode with Lutz Leichsenring from Clubcommission Berlin e.V is about maintaining the club culture.

During the interview with Gesine Kühne, the former club operator and today’s club culture activist is in Bogotá to present the concepts of the Berlin Club Commission.

In the podcast, Lutz Leichsenring explains why he has become a club culture activist, where the difference between Berlin’s club culture and other cities lies, and why Berlin depends on club culture. He also speaks of problems such as the regulation of free festivals, noise pollution of clubs and queues, drug laws, resident complaints, gentrification, but also how to organize the best (il-) legal raves without ignoring the tree-planting guidelines.

Lutz Leichsenring and the Berlin Club Commission speak with decision-makers and creatives, strengthening Berlin’s unique club culture. They have become important protagonists in the further development of club culture in Berlin and other major cities.

The topics covered include club activism and managing the biggest stars in club culture.

Talida Wegener – Hinter den Kulissen

Wegener is one of the central figures who helped build Sven Väth’s seminal label Cocoon into the global phenomenon that it is today. Now running her own booking agency, Zeitgeist, Wegener reflects on how she first got into techno culture and carved a career out of her passion while simultaneously learning to finding peace amongst all the noise.