The curtain that hung! Photography by Ross Collab

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature. Photography by Ross Collab. Model is Ty. “I’m a Brooklyn-based artist. Photography is my main sauce right now. I’m also currently exploring performance art, drawing, painting, and clothing design. All of my work is an extension of myself, unapologetic and free. I create to inspire others, to shape culture, and to voice all that is going on inside of my mind and my heart. I was at my subject’s home, where I was to capture a simple portrait for an upcoming project I’m working on. After we nailed the portrait we were talking about playing in some fashions. He said to me, “You’re welcome to look in my closet for clothes.” I turned toward the closet and reached out my hand to move the red piece of fabric that was hanging between me and the clothing-filled shelves. Within seconds my fingers had sent a message to my brain, I had found “it.” The curtain that hung, separating all of his beautiful clothes from the rest of his room, was in itself, beautiful. It was a deep, rich, red. It was neither too thin nor too thick, and could stretch just slightly. You could see through it at times. It was mesmerizing, my hands drawn towards it.” says Ross!

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Model Ty / /