The day after tomorrow

A KALTBLUT exclusive 35mm film analogue editorial. A reflection of a capitalist society post-pandemic, full of uncertainty, in the middle of reconstruction and with an uncertain future. Photography by Manu Jaime. Starring Lena Wong and Joël Kurasinski. Styling by Teresa Serrano. Make Up by Andrea Riva. Words by Ashuni Pérez. Film Lab Malvarrosa by film lab. Special Thanks to NN Press.

The youth of today stares into the face of adversity, heirs to the crumbling kingdom of capitalism. Decades-old markers of success and fulfilment are laid bare in a harsh postmodern existence. The fear is palpable, the nerves are through the roof, and, yet with their lives derailed, society asks these individuals to suit up and fall in line.
Through these photos, Manu Jaime and his team examine life in a world still reeling from a global pandemic. The story of boy meets girl is refracted in the light of apprehension. Actions become performative, an empty gesture in a land of decay. No longer are the individuals, but corporate symbols of their former selves. The images beg the questions: Is this who I am? Or is this who society wants me to be? What will happen the day after tomorrow?

Photography by Manu Jaime / Instagram: @manu.jaime
Styling by Teresa Serrano / Instagram: @trsaserrano
Starring Lena Wong / Instagram: @wonnnng and Joël Kurasinski / Instagram: @joelkurasinski
Make Up by Andrea Rivas / Instagram: @andrearivaslago
Photo Assistant by Blanca Martinez / Instagram: @iamblanvi
Film Lab Malvarrosa by film lab / Instagram: @malvarrosa_filmlab
Words by Ashuni Pérez / Instagram: @ashuuuuni
Special Thanks to NN Press (Showroom) / Instagram: @nn_press

Fashion: Marta Casal, Carla Canadel, Andrea Alabau, Apreels, Denied, Absoluta flora, Zara, Antonio Marcial, Lacoste, Majo de Buen, Adolfo Dominguez, Marc Jacobs.