THE GLARE OF THE DARK SIDE! A beauty story by Pierre Louis

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Pierre Louis. Model is Antoine Fernandez signed at Agence Céline Paris. Make up by Azami Tissam. “I’m a Parisian photographer since 4 years. Usually, my photoshoots are more fashion and outdoor. But this time, I wanted to try to show accessories and jewelry with a man as model, wich is a friend of mine on the pictures. After this, We decided to contact a designer that we love : Romain Thevenin. A Parisian fashion designer who sometimes create clothes for celebrities. I wanted to create something darker than I usually create. ” says Pierre Louis about his editorial. 

Photography by Pierre Louis / www.plouis-photographe.comInstagram : @p_plouis  

Model is Antoine Fernandez signed at Agence Céline Paris Instagram : @antoine_fernandezh

Make up by Azami Tissam – Instagram : @azami.azami.azami 


All accessories and clothes are hand-made by Romain Thevenin / /

Instagram : @romaintheveninparis